PowerPoint Presentation Services

We create impactful sales presentations so your sales team can convert their prospects.

We provide on-demand PowerPoint Presentation services​

Our standards will exceed your expectations, we have the best team who take inspiration from the best practices and our experience with over 200 clients to render your information comprehensible, memorable, and full of impact. Our sales presentations build on the best information visualization practices leaving a permanent impression on your prospects.

PowerPoint Presentation Services.

1. The Problem

Sales executives do not have the time and expertise to develop high quality and impactful presentations at the level needed to win business.

2. The Solution

Slides IQ is an outsourced presentation partner delivering high quality and impactful presentation design in fast turnaround conditions. You can be assured that your next presentation will be branded and on time.

3. The Result

The result is high-impactful sales presentations that help your sales team to sell more! We’re a genuine in-house design team that has created over 1,000,00 slides for over 300+ clients across the globe.

PowerPoint, a Powerful Design Tool

Looking for professional presentation design services..?
We could turn your boring presentation to very engaging presentations.

You will never convert your Sales Presentation with ugly looking slides.

Our designed presentations are trusted worldwide. We have been awarded as presentation design services company in 2020.

Need help creating custom business PowerPoint presentation services that have actionable takeaways and can hold your audience’s attention? If yes, trust the experts of Slides IQ.

Worried about a shoddy, last-minute presentation that may put your audience to sleep? Why take chances when you can do it like a pro with Slides IQ?

Our 50+ experts create beautiful, customized presentations through PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote, and more for your business. Reach us at contact-us today to claim yours

Your unique logo distinguishes you from your competitors, helps build brand recognition, and makes it easy for people to remember you. Get your logo today by hiring Slides IQ.

We are proud to call ourselves professional presentation design experts but don’t trust us blindly. Take a look at our work and then take a call.

If you are still struggling with your pitch deck slides – fine-tuning it, giving it some finishing touches, etc. When the D-Day is tomorrow morning, get expert help right away from Slides IQ.

A professional, polished presentation that sets you apart from the crowd doesn’t need to cost a bomb. If you don’t believe it, check our prices at Pricing Want to tell your unique story to impress potential investors? Work with Slides IQ to get a great pitch deck created and thus, win half the battle right away!

Need well-designed, visually appealing, and persuasive presentations for that investor pitch or sales presentation that’s within your budget?
Get help today from the experts of Slides IQ.


From tech giants to young start-ups, we have supported many companies and continue to help them throughout their expansion.


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Technology, Software & Media Technology

Agriculture, Construction & Security

Investment, Real Estate & Finance

Business, Service & Logistics

Oil, Gas & Energy

Healthcare, Biotech & Pharma

Speaking Training & Education

Apparel, Retail, Food & Beverage

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