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Incorporating design in your presentation is often a tough task. Questions that baffle many include what to do when you have to prioritize content over design or deciding if aesthetics are really important in a presentation.

If you too belong to this league of baffled people, know for sure that design matters. And so does content as well. Yet, it isn’t about choosing one as the preferred option over the other. The ideal way is to have both by blending the two concepts into a single, seamless idea. With a design that supports the proposed purpose of your presentation, your content and ultimately, your intended message gets complemented.


What your presentation is about and what is its goal are key questions that you should have answers to. To be effective, any presentation needs to have a strong foundation built upon thorough research and proper planning. Once you have the foundation in place, the next step is to arrange the information.

This is the stage where you have to think about the design. Blend your tactical approach with creativity to ensure you create engaging data visualization. To quote Wired’s editor-in-chief, Scott Dadich: Design and technology just aren’t that far apart.

Use visual representations like infographics, charts, suitable and powerful images to make your presentation’s data more enticing. But don’t stay limited to just this. Interpret information to make it relevant to your key goal. When you have an idea to sell, you need to bring clarity to it and make it simple for your target audience to understand.

The Eye-catching Quotient

PowerPoint gave everyone the power to create their own presentations. With it, you can now design your slides and control each aspect of them. Use PowerPoint to showcase your data in an appealing and meaningful way.

To make your slides attractive, you have to focus on design. Ensure your ideas are appealing, accessible and easy to understand at a glance. Let your design help you highlight the key points. The effort you put in to give a fantastic look to your presentation would surely get noticed.

Distinct Character

You can give your presentation a uniform look and specific identity with consistency and theme. Knowing your content with complete clarity is the key to being consistent. At the same time, you should use a theme to connect your slides together and put forward a memorable message to your audience that helps them understand the underlying idea.   

Make sure to impart character and personality to your slides that will help them stand out and stay in your audience’s minds for long. This will also help your audience to understand your vision clearly.

To create a good first impression on your audience, make sure they recognise your ideas early on during the presentation. This will help you create the perfect pitch. With a well-planned design in mind, you can visualize your final product right from the initial stages of your preparation.

Brilliance in Design

The sense of aesthetics is omnipresent. By ensuring your content is complemented by the visuals, you can strengthen your presentation. This can be achieved with adequate research and taking great care to create the content of your presentation.

Proper preparation is the foundation of creating a presentation with absolute clarity. When you have a clear purpose, it becomes easy to visualize your goal. Let your ideas merge with the design to make them send the intended message across more effectively, thus keeping your audience engaged. With an integrated design and fine-tuned content to complement it, you will be able to create a unique presentation that grabs both eyeballs and attention with equal ease.

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