10 Reasons Why You Should Outsource PowerPoint Design Services to India

A custom designed PowerPoint brand templates reflects your brand. So, corporate should avoid using default templates from PowerPoint library. A presentation design agency will always create you custom templates and slides which will be more professional and creative.

Most companies require PowerPoint presentations for PitchDeck, company profile, investor guidelines, product demos etc. Even internal training documents. Yet, not knowing how to design such presentations would mean wasting time and effort, which could have been directed toward other urgent jobs.

This is where outsourcing your PowerPoint design services to India could help. If you are not sure why you should do this, we give you ten reasons that will help you decide:  

Reason 1: Reputed design schools: Having learned from and honed their skills at some of the reputed design schools in India, your offshore team in India can handle your requirements just like the way you would have envisioned and even bring some out-of-the-box ideas for you to consider. If quality is what you are afraid of while outsourcing your projects to India, you no longer have a reason to fear when you entrust the job to talented people who have learned and trained at some of the country’s top design schools. 

Reason 2: Creative brains and great design talent pool: Reaching out to the global talent pool in India and making these creative brains work for your project would mean innovating smarter and faster, not to mention getting the job done on time. So, instead of relying on a handful of professionals, outsource to India and tap into a larger talent pool of creative brains. 

Reason 3: Professional and dedicated team: With the right choice, you will have a handpicked team of qualified designers at work, who will employ the most progressive technologies and innovative ideas to accomplish your project. By having this team fully at your disposal, you will be able to stay on track of your project.  

Reason 4: Flexible pricing options and reduce cost by 30%: With clearer, flexible pricing structures that let you have different provisioning options (a fixed weekly/monthly contract, a pay-per-need model, or any other arrangement to which both the parties agree), you can reduce your costs by a significant 30%, which will help you to get the much-needed competitive edge that’s important to survive and prosper in today’s world of cutthroat competition. 

Reason 5: Provides consistent high quality services: Having happy customers is the key to a flourishing business and this is no different for Indian PowerPoint design service providers. With some homework on your part, it should be easy for you to find some that have glowing client feedbacks and offer high quality services consistently. 

Reason 6: 24/7 Services: By integrating a 24x7 personalized customer support desk along with round-the-clock technical support services, Indian service providers these days have improved their operational efficiencies significantly, which gets reflected in the increasing rate of their customer satisfaction.

Reason 7: Dedicated account manager: By allotting a dedicated manager to your project who will run the team and ensure everything is on track, offshore PowerPoint design companies in India these days make sure you have a single individual as your contact person who will keep you updated on the progress of your project and even share daily/weekly work reports, based on what suits your requirements the best. With such a client-friendly, time-proven cooperation strategy, outsourcing to India will give you a complete win-win solution.

Reason 8: Long-term project support: Since long-term outsourcing partners understand your bigger business goals, are familiar with your processes and have a vested interest in supporting your business to make it flourish, they offer quality project support. 

Usually, they may even offer proactive consulting and not mind walking the extra mile to help you reach your goals because your win means they too have a bright future and a fruitful collaboration to look forward to. 

Reason 9: Monthly payment cycle: Instead of hourly, daily or weekly payments, you can make the process and accounting easier by opting for a monthly payment cycle with your outsourced partner. Apart from being easier for you, it may also fetch you a better deal with respect to the total cost of the project. 

Reason 10: Quick turnaround time: With an efficient team at work, your offshore partner would take advantage of being in a different time zone to deliver the completed work faster than what an in-house professional would have taken. Imagine sending your work before you go to bed and having it all done the next morning when you wake up.  

So, chuck the fear associated with outsourcing and rely on Indian PowerPoint design services to wow you!

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